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Welcome to Fox Run Produce

Independence through self - sufficiency!

At Fox Run Produce we strive to maintain harmony with our environment in all things we do. We are "Certified Naturally Grown" and have applied for our USDA Organic, use sustainable organic farming methods; treating our land like a living organism.We do not use petroleum products or man-made chemicals on our plants; instead believing that by properly nourishing the land the plants will be healthy and strong.  By using farm produced compost, leaf and bark mulch we maintain optimum plant nutrition which means more nutritious food for ourselves, our animals and you our customer. We raise heirloom vegetable varieties that are well adapted to our area and known for their flavor . Several of our products are on the Ark of Taste with Slow Food.

We believe in supporting local wildlife through preserving several acres of the farm as natural habitat and planting wildlife friendly species. We are a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.  Ame is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator with the state of Kentucky and is the founder of our sister organization Fox Run Environmental Education Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  Our mission is to educate people about organic agriculture, alternative energy, water quality and wildlife survival. Learn more about our education, speaker and wildlife programs at

We sell fresh picked, nutritious produce through our CSA which runs from May to October with pickup at the farm and in Northern Kentucky. Learn more about our CSA under the CSA tab.

At Fox Run we believe in living a simple sustainable lifestyle that is considerate of the earth's natural limited resources. Fox Run is totally Off Grid - our energy comes from solar panels, rainwater harvesting and people power! We raise a substantial part of our own food, plan our trips to maximize gas usage and consider our impact on the environment when making purchases.


We host interns and college students seeking to learn more about sustainable agriculture and wildlife rehabilitation. (see internship slide show under "the experience" tab)

We also do programs for school and scout groups and offer adult classes. We offer educational tours of the farm. Programs are by appointment only. You can learn more under the Education tab and by checking out our calendar page.


 We practice what we teach!

Independence through self-sufficiency.